• Goodrich ISD Special Programs & Services Faculty & Staff:

    Response to Intervention (RTI) & Special Education Services: Initial Referral, Review, and Transfer ARD(s), etc.

    Ms. Brenda Williams: Associate Principal - Contact Ms. Williams 

    Dr. Aubrey Vaughan: Principal -
    Contact Dr. Vaughan 

    District Special Education Services:
    Case Manager:
    Mrs. Karen LaBar -
    Contact Mrs. LaBar  

    Dyslexia Specialist:
    Mr. Jonathan Rogers -
    Contact Mr. Rogers     

    District Counselor &
    Special Programs Coordinator:
    Section 504, Gifted & Talented (GT),
    English as a Second Language (ESL),
    State/ Norm-Referenced/College Entry Testing,
    Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), and Counseling Services:

    Ms. Melanie Walters -
    Contact Ms. Walters 

    Polk County Special Services
    Cooperative Director:
    Mrs. Tracy Cobb -
    Contact Mrs. Cobb