Human Resources

Welcome to the Human Resources Section.  Please visit the Human Resource Section to the left for information and links to this year's teacher salary schedule, insurance, retirement plans, 403b(s) and 457, workday calendars, and forms.

Goodrich ISD participates in the Health Flexible Spending Account (FSA).  The (FSA) enables you to pay for expenses allowed under Section 105 and 213(d) of the Internal Revenue Code which are not covered by your insured medical plan and save taxes at the same time.  The most you can contribute to your Health Flexible Spending Account each Plan Year is $2,650.

To track your payments and expenses, login to NBS to setup and maintain your account.

East Texas Employee Benefit Coop

At an affordable cost, employees may enroll in supplemental insurance programs for themselves and family. Premiums for these programs can be paid by payroll deduction. The district contributes $50.00 per month toward supplemental insurance (excluding disability) for employees who waive TRS Active Care coverage.  Employees should contact the business office for more information. Plans include Dental, Disability, Vision, Term Life, Whole Life, Cancer, and Flex Spending Plan.  
For more information on coverage, cost,  claim forms, and provider list, visit the link below: The Coop name is "EAST TEXAS EMPLOYEE BENEFITS COOPERATIVE"

Flexible Benefits Plan

Employees may be eligible to participate in the Cafeteria Plan (Section 125) and, under IRS regulations, must either accept or reject this benefit. This plan enables eligible employees to pay certain insurance premiums on a pretax basis (i.e.,   cancer and dread disease, vision, and dental.  A third-party administrator handles employee claims made on these accounts.

 New employees must accept or reject this benefit during their first month of employment. All employees must accept or reject this benefit on an annual basis and during the speci­fied time period.

The third-party administrator for Goodrich ISD is National Benefit Services.  To view Cafeteria Plan Highlights, click on the link.

Long Term Care Insurance Genworth

TRS Active Care

Group health insurance coverage is provided through TRS-ActiveCare, the statewide public school health insurance program. The district’s contribution to employee insur­ance premiums is determined annually by the board of trustees.  Currently, the district's contribution is $150.00 per month.  Employees eligible for health insurance coverage include the following:

  • Employees who are active, contributing TRS members

  • Employees who are not contributing TRS members and who are regularly sched­uled to work at least 10 hours per week

TRS retirees who are enrolled in TRS-Care (retiree health insurance program) and employees who are not contributing TRS members who are regularly scheduled to work less than 10 hours per week,  are not eligible to participate in TRS-Active Care.

The insurance plan year is from September 1 through August 31. Current employees can make changes in their insurance coverage during open enrollment each spring. Detailed descriptions of insurance coverage, employee cost, and eligibility requirements are pro­vided to all employees during Open Enrollment. Employees should contact the business manager for more information.
Click on the link below for the more information: