Congratulations to Goodrich Track and Field Athletes! Results of Thursday's district meet at Zavalla:

Our Goodrich boys' team earned 5th place overall, with boys relay team of Joel Resendez, John Cummins, John Mendoza, and Keylon McGowan earning 4th place in the 4x100 M relay, 4th place in the 4x400 M relay, and 5th place in the 4x200 M relay. John Cummins earned 5th in discus. A'mareion Bookman earned 1st place in 200 M dash, 400 M dash, 800 M run, long jump and triple jump.

Goodrich girls' team won 4th place overall! Tanyreauna Criswell achieved 10th place in girls' 200 M dash and 3rd place in long jump. Arly Balbuena was first in the 800 M run and in the 400 M dash, with Julissa Olivares earning in 3rd in the 400 M dash. Liseidy Balbuena earned 3rd place in the 1600 M run, and Aralyn Angel came in 2nd in the 3200 M run. The 4 x 100 M relay team of Aralyn Angel, Tanyreauna Criswell, Latrina Morgan, and Liseidy Balbuena earned 4th place, while the 4 x 200 M relay team of Julissa Olivares, Tanyreauna Criswell, Latrina Morgan, and Liseidy Balbuena earned 5th place. The 4 x 400 M relay team of Latrina Morgan, Arly Balbuena, Aralyn Angel, and Julissa Olivares earned 4th place. Julissa Olivares earned 5th place in triple jump. Latrina Morgan earned 5th place in shot put and 4th place in discus, and Breya Passmore earned 2nd in shot put and 1st in discus! Congratulations to our 2023 Goodrich track team on a job well done!